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Don't keep buying expensive and wasteful ink cartridges: refill your cartridges instead!

Already? Didn't you just buy that ink cartridge a couple of weeks ago? (and it didn’t come cheap!) Don’t throw that empty printer cartridge in the rubbish though – refill it instead.

The Squeeze: About 4.8kg of CO2 are created to manufacture a single mono-toner cartridge. Every year in Australia 18 million cartridges end up in landfill (and close to 1.5 billion annually in the US!) and it takes up to 1000 years for them to decompose.

You don't have to keep buying cartridge after expensive cartridge from the local office supply store – get cartridge refills instead. Many cartridge brands can be refilled multiple times, reducing manufacturing and distribution emissions and landfill waste… and money.

To make your cartridges last as long as possible, refill them before they are empty (they need constant ink flow to continue working), and prepare for some mess when refilling.

Here are some instructions on how to get started! As some manufacturers don't want you to refill their cartridges (and keep buying new expensive ones) they can be designed not to be opened and may need to be disassembled or a hole drilled. For some printers you can also purchase refillable ink tanks or a chip resetter to make your printer accept the refills. 

Living LimeClose the Loop offers a free recycling solution for businesses using more than 3 cartridges a month. They recycle them into all sorts of products, with no part of them reaching landfill.

PS: Do you refill your cartridges? Let us know on facebook.

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